Automated Sat Hunter is Live!

Use your Bitcoin to find rare sats.

The Best Way to Scan for Rare Satoshis

What Sat Hunter Does
  • Fully automate your hunting operation with our open source tools
  • Retain full control over your keys and accounts
  • Access the most sophisticated special sats database in the world
  • No code required
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What Sat Hunter Gives You
  • Rares
  • Uncommons
  • Palindromes
  • Black sats
  • Pizza
  • Nakamoto
  • Inscriptions
  • Named sats
  • Alphas &¬†omegas
  • Hitman
  • Silk Road
  • & more...

Track Your Findings on Telegram

  • Sat Hunter cycles your coins between your wallet and your exchange account as fast as possible, sequestering any special sats directly to your dedicated wallet.
  • The more Bitcoin you put in, the more likely you will find special sats with every exchange.
  • Real time notifications and advanced management are available directly in Telegram.

Getting Started

Onboarding (No Code!)
We've made a clear and comprehensive guide that allows you to onboard yourself with complete step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth transition into sat hunting.
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Pricing and Payouts
We have a pricing structure that meets everyone's needs - from hobbyists looking for specific sats to whales and businesses maximizing their passive income. Email us to learn more.
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Need Help?
We know some of you may have questions or need help with onboarding. We're here to assure success in your future sat hunting operation .

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