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We serve businesses, node runners, creators and collectors

Lightning Powered Apps & Products

Whether you have an on-chain app and need a lightning integration, or a lightning app and need an on-chain integration, our tools can help you do so easily. If you're already set up with both lightning and on-chain, you can increase your lightning payment reliability by connecting with our node, one of the biggest and most connected nodes on the network.
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Creators & Collectors

We helps artists launch their art as collectibles on the bitcoin network, and help collectors discover, buy and sell these items. Through our inscription services, we can help you create, inscribe, launch and sell your own ordinals collection, and we have launched a couple vintage homemade collections of our own.
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What We Do

For Businesses & Node-Runners

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Dynamic Fee Bumping

Buy an inbound channel directly from the Deezy node. Having an inbound channel from Deezy will ensure your node can reliably receive payments. Great for merchants or any node that needs to reliably receive.
Converting between lightning and on-chain bitcoin can have friction, but Deezy makes it easy. Swap lightning to on-chain or swap on-chain to lightning. If you have a lightning-native app, we can provision on-chain deposit addresses for your customers.
Bitcoin fee rates can be unpredictable, costing you money and creating a bad experience for you customers. Deezy's  fee bumping solution can ensure your transactions get confirmed in the time you want, for the best price possible. Contact to learn more
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What We Do

For Creators & Collectors

Ordinal Inscriptions

Ai Micro Payments


Deezy has extensive tooling for ordinals and inscriptions. Get in touch to launch a project with our custom launchpad, or use our API to build your own custom integration. Deezy created Astral Babes, one of the most successful ordinals projects so far.
Lightning micro-payments can help you scale your AI app so you never need to worry about an OpenAI bill again. Deezy has built WebAI, an npm package that passes the cost of each API call on to the end user.
Nostr is an exciting new social media protocol that promises to revolutionize the web. Connect with Deezy's nostr relay for the best experience, or check out Nosft, Deezy's open source nostr-based ordinals wallet and marketplace.
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